Vijaya Mohan
Vijaya Mohan an Indian Singaporean is a renowned and acclaimed Rangoli artiste (Indian courtyard painting and floor art). She holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Rangoli in the World and additionally holds 34 Singapore records in various categories ( the largest, longest, most number of people etc). During her lifetime of Rangoli experience Vijaya has drawn over 8000 Rangolis in Singapore including prominent Art establishments like ESPLANADE, Museums, Govt establishments ,Community centres, Hotels , Schools & Colleges, Airlines, Banks, Rotary clubs etc. Notable projects include Air India and British Airways, Esplanade and Museums featured annually in Singapore, GOPIO Conference 2003, Dubai Shopping Festival 2009, ICAN Women’s Conference 2012.

She has had the privilege and honour of drawing her Rangolis in the presence of the previous President (Mr S.R.Nathan) and current President (Dr Tony Tan) , Minister Mentor (Mr Lee Kuan Yew) and the Prime Minister of Singapore (Mr Lee Hsien Loong). Overseas assignments include Mauritius, USA, Vietnam, Brunei, Dubai and India. Vijaya also conducts classes and workshops on Rangoli and actively promotes this traditional Indian Art form from the past 20 years in Singapoe.

Vijaya Mohan is a Singapore trained art therapist and special educator with 15 years of experience in the field of health, therapy and the arts. She has worked with children with autism in school setting and is doing voluntary work in art therapy in various organizations like Institute of Mental Health, Rehab for Elderly and in Singapore girl’s home. She has experience in working with children affected by the Tsunami in Sri Lanka and Special Schools in India. She is currently working with special needs children and conducts workshops on art therapy for school teachers, social workers, school counselors, and parents of special children.

Vijaya is also working with special children from the past 15 years as an educator/ Art Therapist. Vijaya is a member/ volunteer in numerous organizations like, Whampoa CC, Cairnhill CC, UWAS(University Graduate Women’s Association),Kannada Sangha, GOPIO. She is also conducting Recreational Arts for Special Needs children at Cairnhill CC on a voluntary basis